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Andrews Property Group

Andrews Property Group are using Goodlord to help them concentrate on providing the customer service that sets them apart.


AGENCY NAME: Andrews Property Group


Andrews - customer story


“Goodlord for Andrews has enabled the sales team to focus on home sales on letting more properties and doing the best possible job for the  customer at the front end of the process and then it's allowed the administration team and central tenancy support team to be able to have a really robust process and referencing process. it has been a real enabler for both of those job roles to really do the best job they possibly," according to Alison Nunez and Allison Nevins at Andrews Property Group.

“The main benefits of using Goodlord for my teams is that they are now able to concentrate on customer service that sets us apart within the property industry - it's what makes us different and it's what our customers expect, whether they're tenants or landlords. They're not spending time chasing references, they're not following up on things, because they can see straight away on the platform where everything is.

“We've now got standard procedures through all the branches, so everybody follows the same process, and if a tenant walked into one of our London branches now, they would have the same process as if they walked into a Bristol office. Previous to that it could have been completely different.

“One key benefits that the staff saw was that the platform enabled them to get on with what they're best at which is letting property. Before Goodlord, they were doing a lot of administration work which kept them in the branches, they couldn't be out viewing, valuing etc. This has enabled them to do everything do what they’re good at and leaving the administration either to the tenants themselves or to our administration centre.

“I compare to what we used to do with when paperwork was all involved and what we do now it is it has cut down more than half of the work we feel quite comfortable by sending out all the documents that we need to and to make sure that everything is in place on time we don't have to spend a lot of time on different things like sending out the contract and waiting for him to sign scan and send it back it's all done done instantly.

“When it comes to the references, Goodlord is very efficient because they keep tenants or applicants updated as what's required from them in terms of the documents to complete the references.

“It's a lot more streamlined - what used to take an hour literally takes about ten minutes now  - we click a button then it rolls out and it does leave a lot more capacity for additional lets, and it also leaves a gap for better customer service because we've got more time to talk.”

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