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Billingham Taylor

Increasing regulation will be a good thing for the lettings industry, says Jamie Evans, assistant branch manager at Goodlord customer Billingham Taylor.


AGENCY NAME: Billingham Taylor

LOCATION: Bournemouth

Goodlord customer story- Billingham Taylor

"The housing market is changing dramatically, with the change in government, Brexit also having an impact, I think that it's important that we do everything that we can to combat the changes that are coming into play,” says Jamie Evans of Billingham Taylor, a leading independent agent with four offices across the West Midlands and more than 500 managed properties.

“There's always going to be demand for rental properties so it's important that we engage with the landlords and the clients to ultimately do the best we can in what is a difficult industry.”

“Our investment in technology ultimately reduces our costs and also streamlines the process to reduce the man hours spent on admin. This allows us to explore other avenues to hopefully increase new business and also to recoup the cost of that potential lettings fee ban.

“It's important for agencies to adopt technology, with the clients wanting everything at their fingertips. We do this via our software, allowing them to book viewings online and day-to-day contact with us is easy. 

“Goodlord has helped us streamline the process, reducing admin for our negotiators. This means we can then focus on  other areas and ultimately generating more new business. 

“Goodlord also helps with Right to Rent checks, this also reduces the risk to ourselves as an agency. It allows the tenants to sign for the EPCs, electrical certs and gas certs, meaning we cover ourselves as an agency. 

“I definitely think that at agency that doesn't adopt technology is at risk. It's something that we have spent a lot of time and investment on. My advice to agents would be to focus on the customer service that they offer to their clients, and to also incorporate technology within that.”

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