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Canary Properties

Mohammed Wasity, director of Goodlord customer Canary Properties, explains why it is so important for letting agents to embrace technology.

Canary Properties

AGENCY NAME: Canary Properties


Goodlord customer story- Canary Properties

"Why is now the time to change? Because of the fierce competition, the online agencies, the way that you use technology, the way you try to approach your clients," says Mohammed Wasity.

"We care about customer satisfaction - it's such a word that's been used so much, but it is really what we do. People that have let their property through us, we want them to give us another property, and people that have rented a property from us, we want them to also keep renting from us. By offering that quality experience, by offering them the experience where they can actually trust you, and that's what differentiates us from the online agencies. 

"Technology for Canary Properties is very important. If you look at my desk, I don't have a diary, I don't have any paper - we are a paperless company, which is much more efficient. It's very important for us to be able to do things quicker, faster, Goodlord has helped a lot in that. 

"Before Goodlord, it was a bit of a challenge to rent out big properties where a lot of people are going to live. If you have five adults, then you need to have them all come into the office to sign the contract and that is by itself a big challenge because people have different time schedules, especially in deals that have to sometimes to be done quicker.

"Goodlord has helped a lot because with a press of a button, the contract goes out to all five or six or whatever number there are, and everybody signs wherever they are, from their mobile phone, or tablet, or any device that has internet. That has been a great help to us.

"I also add Goodlord's Rent Protection insurance to every managed property. That gives landlords a sense of, you know, 'I really have nothing to lose here' - we minimise their uncertainty about renting their property."

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