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Ferndown Estates' Ian Crampton explains how the adoption of technology is vital for any letting agent seeking to grow their business and make up for lost revenue as the industry continues to change.


AGENCY NAME: Ferndown Estates

LOCATION: Birmingham

Goodlord customer story- Ferndown Estates


"The advice I would give to any lettings agent in today's market is to consider the relationship they have not only with their landlord, but as importantly with their tenant," says Ian Crampton of Ferndown Estates.

"I say to my staff all the time, we're not here, it's not a quick fix, it's not a quick sale, it's the right thing for that client. That's what I'm passionate about.

"The marketplace has changed because of the introduction of online estate agents and other agents offering management services for perceived lower fees, so it's a competitive market. Going forward I think the changes will be the introduction of regulation but I do foresee that those lettings agents who can diversity and maintain the course and offer that good value for money will end up ultimately in a better position come four, five years down the line than many may expect.

"Property and software is the be-all and end-all when it comes to processing tenancies, something that we were actively trying to improve upon when  we came across Goodlord. That technology has drastically improved our pre-to-post-tenancy timeframes, our staff are less stressed, and the way we interact with tenants has greatly enhanced our and streamlined our business. It means that we can then spend more time on the things that are actually important to us - meeting tenants and meeting landlords and getting more properties into our business. 

"Any lettings agent or any business for that matter that doesn't embrace technology - particularly with the legislation as it moves forward with margins a little bit tighter - is going to struggle. Any forward-thinking agent has got to embrace the property technology that is readily available out there to make their business successful.

"Legislation changes are impacting landlords who leaving the industry, and the Tenant Fee Ban, means that lettings agents are going to lose an enormous amount of revenue. That revenue has got to be recovered somehow so the only thing realistically that lettings agents are going to be able to do is to save time, and technology is the biggest player in us being able to save as much time as we can.

"It is very important that lettings agents do promote the property technology that is out there, they've really got to look at all of their systems and find something as good as Goodlord has been for us. I can't recommend it enough, it really has got to be at the core of your lettings business."

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