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"This is a game-changing period for our industry - I don't think there's been a time like it."

HomeLets Bath

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Goodlord Customer Story- HomeLets Bath


“I don't think there has been a time like it and so this is almost a game-changing period for our industry,” says Marcus Arundell of HomeLets Bath. 

“There are lots of challenges, lots of agents do things in different ways, and it's going to be interesting to see how they go forward.We're trying to adapt to competitive forces like online-based agents and other disruptors who are trying to change the approach. 

“In terms of technology, we are in a game-changing environment at the moment and that's huge because I think that for too long, we have been guilty of doing things old hat, but we are doing lots of things to ensure that we're moving things across to the digital environment. 

“Part of that is the use of the Goodlord platform, which is pushing us forward so that we can deliver a better service to both landlords and tenants.

“In terms of moving with the times and engaging with tech I think as an agent you need to be looking at yourself and your systems and your client base and thinking if we can build some tech into that to help, then great - I can't see how you're going to move forward and try and get to that top line value competing with the best and brightest in your local market.”

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