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Hotspur Residential

By using Goodlord, Hotspur Residential are able to increase compliance, save money, and provide an exceptional service to their landlords and tenants.

Hotspur Residential

AGENCY NAME: Hotspur Residential

LOCATION: Northumberland



“I think if I went to any business and said you can sign up to something that's going to reduce your admin time by 50%, make you more compliant, and make your systems run smoother, I can't see any reason why somebody would say no, so we would definitely recommend Goodlord,” says Justin Matthews, Director of Hotspur Residential.

“Pre-Goodlord, one of the main problems that we had was the admin time. It meant that we couldn't concentrate on trying to go out and get more properties and giving a good service level to our landlords.

“We were in a situation where we were actually looking At if we needed to employ somebody  in order to relieve us of this admin time. Goodlord has probably reduced our admin time by at least 50%. It gives us much more time to develop the business, go out and talk to clients more and take on more properties that we can let.

“The way that we would process the let today with using Goodlord is very, very simple. We go out and do the viewing, we'll agree the deal and we'll get everything through to the tenant. We email them the link from Goodlord and then the tenant can just go onto that link via their email and start the process.

“We use Goodlord Rent Protection and Legal as well within the business. We tend to incorporate it into our managed fees with our landlords. It gives them again just that reassurance -  the main that landlords are worried about is property damage, rent arrears and having to pay for evictions. We find that a lot of our landlords that we have on a fully managed or rent collection service are willing to pay that little bit extra through us to get that reassurance.

“Now that we've been using the Goodlord for two years, we feel that we need to get everything, as much as we can, under the umbrella. I think anything that helps tenants will make us that little bit different from the rest. It'll just help the process work better for them.”

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