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Hannah Bookham discusses the alternative revenue streams MK Estates are looking at to mitigate the losses that will be incurred by the Tenant Fee Ban.



LOCATION: Bournemouth

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"Good customer service for us is absolutely paramount. We really work hard on getting Google reviews and online client testimonials because really the best people to rave about our service are the people who have used us, and I think most of our business, I would say 80%, comes from reviews and  word-of-mouth," says Hannah Bookham of MK Estates.

"People having a good experience with us and it is absolutely the most important thing for our business to do well. 

"I think the Tenant Fee Ban is going to be a huge challenge. We have taken the perspective that we need to look for other revenues of income -  insurances, utilities - all sorts of different options to improve revenue. we are also going to start doing inventories and things like that in house to keep the costs down for landlords.

"You've really got to think about your service and whether you're giving value for money - are you good at customer service, do your tenants rate you, can your landlords get hold of you? I think you need to be asking yourself all these questions and really looking at your business from the bottom up and deciding whether your customer service is up to scratch or not because I think the ones that are not will be first out.

"There is a lot of paperwork that comes with lettings, a lot of boxes to be ticked, and we need to make sure we're doing it correctly from the word go because we are heavily restricted by the legal aspects. I think for lettings there has to be more focus on it because you have to get it right - there is no room for error in things and anything you can have that speeds up the process of that admin is going to be a huge bonus."

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