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Shaws Kensington

Daniel Glewis, Head of Property Management at Shaws Kensington in London, discusses the importance of offering Rent Protection Insurance to his landlords. 


AGENCY NAME: Shaws Kensington


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“We never had a rent or legal protection policy here at Shaws,” says Daniel Glewis of Shaws Kensington.

“Unfortunately, there have been times where it has cost landlords quite a lot of money, the reason we wanted to to offer rent and legal protection was to offer an extra service, to make sure that our landlords are fully covered in the worst case scenario. It is the best thing that an agent can do. It's entirely up to the landlord if they want it or not - I just think that is vital to have it.

“I think there's a number of landlords who have rented a property for many years and feel as though they've never had a problem, so they're never going to have one. The potential unforeseen circumstances that can happen in life - people losing their job or  falling ill - the majority of our landlords do decide that they do want to take out a policy, just as protection.

“We spoke to a number of companies offering rent and legal protection because we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best cover for our landlords. But the reason why we stuck with Goodlord is, based on all of our research and everything that was provided, this is the best that we can get for you.

“The platform for Goodlord is just so easy to use it just made so much sense. We've got everybody's details on the system, all the landlords, all the tenants, tenancy agreements, everything. You just tick a button and say the landlord wants the policy and then they're covered. It makes our life so much easier.”

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