Five things your lettings negotiators could be doing if they weren't swamped with admin

Admin is a real time-waster for lettings agencies, and is not what negotiators should be spending their time on.
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Admin is a real time-waster for lettings agencies, and is not what negotiators should be spending their time on.

Instead, if negotiators weren’t drowning in administrative tasks such as chasing signatures for contracts and printing out an endless sea of paper documents, they would have more time to focus on activities that actually enhance the growth of their business.

1. Revived customer focus

Less time on admin would mean more time spent with customers, something of which is integral for a negotiator. By remaining customer-facing, customer service significantly improves, as you have more time for meaningful conversations on both the phone and in the field, thus ensuring that your landlords and tenants are happy with your services. This should lead to repeat customers.

2. A better viewing-offer ratio

if processes were more streamlined, negotiators could also complete more viewings. This would in turn mean they are able to better qualify prospective tenants by spending more time with them to ensure that the right type of tenants are attending viewings. The result? A more successful viewing-offer ratio overall.

3. Better marketing

Automating arduous admin would also allow negotiators to focus their attention on marketing their business and expanding their property portfolio. With more free hours to spend on promoting the business, there is a greater window of opportunity for inbound traction.

4. Prospecting landlords

Negotiators would return to doing what the core of their job entails: scouting more landlords. Being more proactive would not solely lead to acquiring appropriate landlords, but to increasing the business’ market share. By doing the job you signed-up to do in the first place, would also result in a renewed sense of job satisfaction.

5. Make more sales

Many businesses are dependant on small flexible teams that deal with both lettings and sales. In this instance, less time on lettings-related admin would mean a stronger focus on sales, meaning a return to selling more properties.

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