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Goodlord launches tenant move-in product and £5 referencing

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new tenant move-in product, Goodlord Go.
The Goodlord team
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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new tenant move-in product, Goodlord Go.

Goodlord Go is designed to make the process of moving house as hassle-free as possible. It handles the tenants’ council tax and water supply registration, and also provides a utilities, broadband and TV comparison and switching facility. It can potentially save tenants hundreds of pounds each year, and can also arrange everything from removals to cleaning and even dog walking.

Goodlord Go

Goodlord Go is fully integrated with the Goodlord platform, saving agents time, whilst providing an opportunity for them to make additional revenue and enhance the tenants’ experience.

For agents who choose to use the new move-in product, we will also be offering comprehensive tenant referencing for £5.

Marvin Luksenberg, our Head of Referencing, said:

“We’ve heavily invested in our referencing product making it significantly more efficient and expanding its functionality. With a combination of optimised automation and necessary review by our team of referencing experts, we can now offer the same comprehensive referencing at a lower price and still maintain the high level of standards expected by agents and landlords.”

Founded in 2014, Goodlord is the first software technology to streamline the lettings process for agents, landlords and tenants, with the aim of providing a better renting experience for everyone whilst generating more revenue for agents.

Tom Glason, Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“We are thrilled to launch Goodlord Go and £5 referencing at a time when agents are under increasing pressure to reduce costs and diversify revenue. We’re committed to supporting the growth of high street agents while making renting simple and transparent for everyone.”

Over the last quarter, we've been focusing on improving the functionality of its technology platform, while building the infrastructure to support additional services. With monthly product updates, our customers have seen new features and added functionality. The focus on the product and improving the renting experience will continue as we look to take on a number of additional product and engineering staff.

Said William Reeve, CEO of Goodlord:

“Our mission is to make renting as simple and transparent as possible. So I’m pleased that, following a successful customer trial, we are rolling out Goodlord Go and £5 referencing from 1st May. We are making renting easier than ever for #GenerationRent.”

Goodlord customer, Thomas Izod, from Kallars Property Agents said:

“Having considered multiple options for streamlining the tenancy process, reducing costs and increasing revenue, going with Goodlord was the obvious choice. Goodlord allows us to save significant time by streamlining the lettings process, reducing our referencing costs by 70% and we now have the opportunity to make additional revenue via Goodlord Go.”

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The Goodlord team
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