How communication can motivate your agency's staff and help you stay productive in lettings

9 June 2021

Estate and letting agencies who embrace strong internal communication to maintain company culture will find their staff are more motivated and productive. This can then have a positive impact on conversations with landlords and tenants, as this extract from our latest e-book, How to maximise your agency's potential, explains.

While staff motivation, engagement, and productivity have been hot topics throughout the transition to remote work, keeping staff interconnected and passionate about their job is one of the key traits of an agile business - and should remain a top priority to ensure your agency runs efficiently.

Louise Piffaut, Environmental, Social & Governance Analyst at Aviva Investors, believes that company culture is "the glue that holds it together, keeping staff focused and motivated." Investing in the right communication solutions to encourage staff collaboration and conversations is therefore important to maintaining motivation and productivity levels in your agency.

"We have been used to having everyone come into work at the same time and sharing the same office space," says Piffaut. "Now that we are working from home, it is very different,” she says. "There is a risk that some employees may feel isolated unless there is good team communication."

Maintain inter-branch communications

For larger agencies, inter-branch communication is a basic but fundamental solution, to share best practices, tips, and advice - and maintain company culture. "Everyone within the Martin & Co. group is quite close. The franchisees have all got a Facebook group, where people share their ideas," says John Frost, Martin & Co. Chelmsford.

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Adapt your agency's management styles

Management styles and teams have had to adapt to the lack of in-person chats - and have discovered that, often, it's the simple solutions that work. "You don’t have to do grand initiatives to engage your team," says Lucy Dalglish, People Operations Manager at Goodlord. "Why not add short team-building activities into your daily stand-ups or meetings? For example, asking everyone to start the meeting with something they are grateful for or telling the team about their day."

Show your landlords and tenants what you know

With the right support, this engagement will translate to higher levels of productivity and better service to customers. "As soon as your team are knowledgeable, engaged, and advising your customers, then you're no longer selling," says Charlotte Campbell, Director of The Able Agent. "It's much easier to advise and say, 'Let's get you signed up onto full management' than it is to say, 'If you think about full management, let me know.' You're much more proactive with it."

Retain your agency's staff

This will also lead to longer term efficiencies in your business, through staff retention, helping you avoid the time and cost of having to re-train employees. "If we don't know what motivates them and we don't know what fear they have, I think you can risk people leaving," says Campbell. "I think retaining good staff is almost as important as attracting new staff and business results, ultimately. People want to work with businesses that are succeeding, that are happy, that are aligned, and ultimately the customers do see that."

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