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Improve your customers' experience to get more referrals

Ensuring your tenants and landlords have an impressive experience could lead to better brand awareness and increase referrals.

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Great experiences can drastically enhance your agency’s reputation and awareness of your brand, leading to better online reviews from landlords and tenants alike and increasing referrals. Over time, improved brand awareness will mean tenants come to you first when they’re looking for a property to let and landlords will want the most in-demand letting agents to manage their properties.

Tenants are especially vocal online so it’s important letting agents are making sure they’re providing them with an exceptional service, from viewing to move-in and beyond, that means they’re compelled to respond in kind with a good review.

“We want to create a reason for people to use us that isn’t just about the property - at the moment, the only reason to use an agency is because they’ve got the property you want and, unless they’re absolutely awful, you’re still going to use them because you like the flat,” says Samuel Fitz-Hugh of Settio Property Experience in Manchester.

“We want people who are moving to think ‘I’d really like to rent with Settio, I wonder if they have anything?’ Or when our tenants are planning to leave, we want them to continue to rent with us - we don’t want them to find a property with another agent before they even tell us they’re leaving - we want them to come to us first.”

Technology can play a huge role in enhancing the experience of your tenants, from providing regular updates on the status of their tenants’ applications, making it easier to purchase additional services that make the move-in process smoother or offering an easy channel of communication should the tenant ever need anything.

“If you have an impressive experience you will tell your friends and family and colleagues - that’s what will happen,” says Jon Werth of LiFE Residential in London. “You’ve got to be able to stand out and impress people.”

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