What happens when we don't get it right? Our complaints procedure

2 May 2019

We want you to let us know when we make a mistake so we can fix it as soon as possible, and improve our processes to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen again.

We admit it - we don’t always get things right. Sometimes mistakes happen and, when they do, we want to give you an easy way to let us know. Your feedback and complaints are an opportunity for our teams to improve our service and help us make better decisions moving forward. So, if you feel your experience with us hasn’t met the standards we strive for, we want you to let us know.

We've built an easy-to-use complaints form that sends your feedback straight to our team, which will then be assessed and escalated to the relevant specialist. From here, we can guarantee a personally written email will be sent back to you within three days. Depending on the nature of your complaint, we will either send you a final resolution or explain the actions we are taking to investigate it further. No matter what, we’ll try our best to conclude the matter for you as quickly as possible.

We realise it’s frustrating when you make a complaint and it seems to disappear into the void, which is why we’ve built a process to resolve your issues as best we can within the eight weeks specified by our regulatory body.

We’ve also built a system that picks up on recurring problems. This helps us determine systemic issues faster, so we can get to work on fixing the long-standing issues. We’ve created some cool tools to trigger an alarm when a certain issue has become a continuing problem, which will inform the specialist team’s manager, who’ll kickstart procedural changes to tackle the root cause of the issue.

Fixing an issue is a good thing, and weeding out an ingrained issue and preventing others from experiencing the same frustrations is a REALLY good thing.

We do our best to constantly improve all our processes, but sometimes things still go wrong - our platform goes down, things take longer than anticipated or conversations don’t go the way we wanted them to. Whenever these things do happen, we have a process in place so you can tell us and we can fix it as quickly as possible - and, importantly - understand how we can do better next time.

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