My journey into software engineering at Goodlord

A self-taught developer shares how he went from working in finance to joining Goodlord's engineering team.

Alexandru Gidei

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“Scio me nihil scire - I know that I know nothing,” said Plato of Socrates. 

It’s a saying I’m sure anyone who - like me - has decided to make a career change, will relate to. It can be strenuous, yet rewarding, as I discovered on my journey into software engineering at Goodlord.

I’m a 28-year-old self-taught developer who started learning about programming roughly two years ago. 

As a teenager, I spent a significant amount of my free time playing computer games and developing some simple ones of my own. Although I studied four years of Computer Science in high school - where I learned plenty of useful fundamentals, even if some of the technology was outdated (FoxPro, anyone?) - I went on to study Finance at university. 

Even though I enjoyed aspects of Finance, there was always a “what if?” at the back of my mind. So when I received a Google scholarship for an online Android programming course on Udacity, I jumped right in. I left my role as a Research Analyst and dedicated myself almost entirely this course. But I did need a source of income, so I started working as a temp in the Referencing department at Goodlord. 

Right from the get-go, I found the environment to be one that encouraged autonomy, personal development, inclusivity, and transparency , and the work challenging. When the end of my course approached, I started thinking about finding a role where I could put my newfound skills to good use. With the help of the Head of Referencing, I got to plead my case to our CTO, Donovan, who took a chance by offering me a junior role in the Engineering team.

The transition from writing code for personal and course projects to writing production code was challenging at first. But I could throw myself in at the deep end knowing I had the support around me to ask for help. Regular one-to-ones, personal objectives, pair programming and mentorship helped me ramp up my skills exponentially.  Socrates got it right - we should never be afraid to admit what we don’t know. There’s always more to learn. 

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Alexandru Gidei
Software Engineer
Alex is a self-taught taught developer with a background in Finance. He enjoys telling computers what to do in his role as a Software Engineer at Goodlord.

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