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How you could grow through an apprenticeship programme at Goodlord

Personal development initiatives benefit employees and their company, helping both parties to achieve more, together. Apprenticeships, such as the People Leadership programme with Multiverse, are just one of the possible routes to take at Goodlord, to learn new skills and adapt in a fast changing world.

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Personal development is key to growth in anyone's career and, at Goodlord, we're encouraged to look for ways to expand in our roles, with individual budgets to put towards our development. Some Goodlordians go down the route of an apprenticeship.

"Apprenticeships serve as an alternative to the traditional college and university system. They deliver the key skills, knowledge and behaviours that are needed to succeed in a world that is constantly changing," says Michelle Winfield, Commercial Account Executive, at Multiverse - and that's where the Multiverse People Leadership programme comes into play at Goodlord.

The People Leadership Programme

Michelle explains that "The People Leadership programme is designed to help learners understand the realities, tensions and opportunities involved in managing people and is the perfect opportunity for managers to capitalise on their leadership potential."

The programme shares "practical tools and tactics on how to get management right", building on self-awareness, team development, and how to motivate and overcome challenges within an organisation.

Aligning values

These goals of the programme align strongly with the values at Goodlord, including the fact that we all aim to listen, learn and improve - and set the pace by pushing ourselves to achieve more.

Luke Scott, Multiverse Coach, reflects on how Goodlord's values are demonstrated by the Goodlordians who've so far chosen to follow this People Leadership programme. "All five participants of the Multiverse People Leadership Programme are true leaders, and role models within Goodlord. They are people who don’t shy away from challenges.They all display an unerring growth mindset: a real commitment and willingness to drive excellence in themselves, and their teams."

Advancing careers

Any personal development initiative aims to help employees develop in their careers - and, for those participating in this course, that goal has been achieved. "There have been promotions - and growing teams," says Luke. "The challenges for them are bigger and more strategic. It is all a brilliant reflection of the hard work and tenacity of these top class individuals that they are ready to tackle all of this and take it in their stride.

"Navigating the landscape of a rapidly scaling organisation, working at a relentless pace, against the backdrop of a hugely tumultuous year - would be a test for anyone. It is a testament to these individuals that they have flourished and grown as leaders during this time."

An inside view

Ella Jane Coxwell, Senior Customer Success Manager at Goodlord, took part in this programme and shares the top four things she learned on the way:

  1. How to build trust 
    You can gain respect and authority through relationship building and having a friendly and welcoming manner, but you can also build trust by demonstrating your competence and expertise, so stakeholders can take confidence in you as a trusted advisor.
  2. The importance of change management
    Start-ups are constantly pivoting and persevering to achieve the best results. On this programme, you'll learn to structure the planning you can put in place to ensure a team is mobilised for any change, and convinced of the necessity, and then the result, of the change.
  3. Gaining a new perspective
    Participation in workshops with other companies, as well as with fellow Goodlordians, helps you to compare notes and build an alternative way of thinking, to find a variety of solutions in any situation.
  4. Taking a structured approach in your own development 
    A proactive attitude towards your development, with regular reviews on your progress to structure the journey, can help you to recognise the advances that you're making and where your career could lead.

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