Q&A: What it's like being a new starter in Goodlord's Insurance team?

21 June 2023

We're always looking for fun and lively people to join our team at Goodlord - and we now have new roles available in Insurance Sales at our new Lincoln office.

Sophie Sherlock works in Goodlord's Tenants' Content and Liability Insurance (TCLI) team as a Development Team Leader. Here she explains what it's like to be a new joiner in the Insurance team. 

What does day one of a training programme look like? 

On the first day you will have a company onboarding. You'll meet me and the rest of #TeamSoph, and you'll complete our expectations and team briefing.

How do you adapt your training for individuals?

It's really important to get to know everyone individually and understand each person's experiences. I'm keen to learn where your strengths and weaknesses are so we can help you progress. Once I know them, I can then allow more time in certain areas for training and development.

What would be your top three tips for a new joiner to the TCLI team who is in training?

  1. Engage and interact with the sessions
  2. Ask lots of questions! There's no such thing as a silly question.
  3. Make as many notes as you need to - whatever helps you to 

Want to advance in your career? Check out the jobs we have available.

There are no roles available right now, but keep checking back - we're a fast-growing company.