Goodlord launches “PRO” to set new standard for tenant referencing

21 March 2024

Introducing Goodlord's PRO. A new standard for tenant referencing, designed to offer a balance of technology and human expertise all in one place.

Leading rent tech platform Goodlord is today announcing the launch of its ‘PRO’ Referencing for letting agents across the UK. Designed to offer a carefully curated balance of technology and human expertise, the company believes that it will set a new standard for tenant referencing. 

The PRO offering is built on a full suite of cutting-edge technology designed to make referencing safer and smarter. Instead of relying on documentation verification, PRO offers a service fit for the digital age through a range of market-leading integrations, including with HMRC, payroll providers, and via Open Banking. This approach reduces the error-prone reliance on documents and instead enables the rapid and accurate verification of income by going directly to the source of the information.

This approach offers speed whilst also driving down instances of fraud. According to Goodlord’s most recent State of the Lettings Industry report, over 75% of agents are concerned about fraud in referencing

PRO, which is integrated with the National Fraud Database (CIFAS), can spot nefarious applications, fake references and forged documents. These digital-first capabilities are backed up by a UK-based team of referencing specialists who provide customer support, and manual checks across tenancy applications, and are trained in fraud detection.

The average reference turnaround time for PRO users is just 1.5 days. And 25% of references are processed instantly; this instant review remains fully comprehensive and includes all required checks.

Goodlord will be hosting a webinar about the new offering on Tuesday 26th March, where the team’s referencing experts will outline critical and new vulnerabilities in tenant referencing and the role technology can play in addressing them. 

The PRO offering now sits alongside two other referencing packages: Essential, which is designed for high volume, fast turnaround needs such as landlords with large student-let portfolios; and Priority, which is designed for lettings portfolios that need additional levels of customer service and attention.

Nishma Parekh, Head of Referencing at Goodlord, comments:

“We believe that Goodlord’s PRO reference will be a gamechanger for agents across the UK. Letting agents are under huge pressures to drive returns, add value, and protect landlords from risk. By focusing on verifying a tenant’s income through technology, rather than document verification, we believe that we have created the perfect blend of digital innovation and human expertise. This means a secure, speedy and seamless experience for agents and the ability to protect them from fraud.”

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