Release Notes: Goodlord's Willow edition

6 November 2023

Here's what's new in Goodlord's most recent edition, Willow.

Goodlord unveiled more than ten upgrades to its platform during its first-ever keynote announcement on Monday 6 November.  This includes integrations with industry suppliers, new dashboards to help agents sell to tenants more easily, and innovative features designed to help agents save time.

Here's a summary of what was introduced to the platform in this edition and are available now. 

Watch the full 45-minute keynote announcement here, featuring 17 Goodlord speakers, live demos, and special guest Orla Shields from Kamma. We also run through what's to come in 2024, including a brand new era for referencing. 

We will continue to build and improve on our services, so watch out for further updates.

What are release notes?

Companies, often those focused on technology, often produce release notes to alert customers that changes have been made to the platform. Release notes often outlines corrections, changes, and enhancements that you should look out for when you're using the platform. It's very similar to when you read the developer notes before you update an app on your smart phone.


New Kamma integration to combat rising risk of agent fines

  • What? We have added an integration with geospatial technology company Kamma. Agents will be able to search for a property address and see all the licensing requirements needed.
  • Why? Kamma's research highlights that one in four properties require a licence. With more schemes launched each month, there is a change in law every eight days.  Avoiding these requires time and effort from landlords and agents to ensure they stay compliant. 


Added features

More security and simplicity with single sign-on 

  • What?: We have implemented single sign-on with two factor authentication. Put simply, agents will only need to enter their login details once to access both the Agent Hub and the Goodlord platform. 
  • Why?: To make agents' lives more easy and more secure. Gone are the days where an agent had to log in twice or get fatigued with remembering passwords. 

A slicker way forward for void management

  • What? During void periods, agents can easily notify council, water, and energy companies that a tenant has moved out and the bill responsibility has changed. Our new feature will automatically change the energy supplier from the previous supplier to Ovo Energy so the agent can provide up-to-date meter readings.
  • Why? So agents can get bills in the right name, at the right time, without any additional headache - saving you time and energy.


Platform updates

A screenshot of Goodlord's new Willow homepage

Enhanced experience with sleek, new home page

  • What?: A brand new homepage with a sleek new look and more efficient layout. It shows everything that you need to know - including important reminders, how many of your properties are covered by rent protection, and key links. 
  • Why?: To enhance an agent's experience on the platform when it comes to the day-to-day.

Long-requested expiring certificates dashboard now live 

  • What?: A new feature to streamline the management of property certificates. Agents can intelligently sort certificates (e.g. Energy Performance Certificates, gas safety, etc.) by what's expired, or expiring soon. There are multiple advanced filtering options to easily sort certificates by type, date range, and expiry status. 
  • Why?: This has been a long-requested feature from letting agents. With a clear view on expiring certificates, agents can be organised in their property management tasks.


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