Goodlord and flatfair announce partnership

Goodlord and flatfair have announced a new partnership to help facilitate deposit-free renting to hundreds of letting agents and landlords across the UK.

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Goodlord and flatfair have announced a new partnership to help facilitate deposit-free renting to hundreds of letting agents and landlords across the UK.

flatfair customers can now take advantage of this integration and seamlessly add flatfair’s deposit-free renting option to any tenancy transaction with a simple click directly from their goodlord interface. The tenancy agreements along with the terms and conditions of their deposit replacement service will seamlessly integrate with the Goodlord platform. This will allow letting agents to let their property even faster while utilising flatfair’s deposit-free service.

Goodlord and flatfair share the same vision of improving the overall experience and relationship between agents, tenants and landlords. Both companies value enhanced user interfaces and user experiences to offer a comprehensive service that streamlines property management and increases tenant loyalty and retention.

“We are really excited to work with flatfair to offer more deposit replacement options to all our customers at Goodlord," says Goodlord’s Director of Sales Costas Frangeskou.

"We want to make it as easy as possible for agencies to integrate our award-winning platform into their processes and their preferred suppliers. flatfair, whose innovative solution is growing its presence in the market, makes an obvious partner for us.”

flatfair co-founder Daniel Jeczmien echoed this sentiment. “We have a great working relationship with Goodlord and share their ethos to bring much-needed innovation to the stagnated rental market. This partnership is another step in the right direction.”

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