We're making our quarterly goals public

In the spirit of transparency, we have decided to share our goals for this quarter.

The Goodlord team

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Goodlord’s mission is to make renting simple and transparent for everyone involved - and we want to apply the same principles to how we operate as a company. So, in the spirit of making Goodlord itself more transparent, we have decided to make our goals for this quarter public.

We hope that sharing our goals will provide our customers - and our future teammates - with a useful insight into what we’re working on - and, more importantly, the company we plan to become.


Upgrade our platform

We’re working to enhance the Goodlord platform, including improvements to the referencing experience, including adding optional extra checks on private landlords giving references and adding a clause library to manage extra clauses in contracts. Also, as part of an ongoing process to make the platform as secure and robust as possible, we’ll be upgrading our codebase to make it easier to scale with us as we grow.

Build the organisation

We’ll be continuing to grow our team at Goodlord this quarter - check out our current vacancies if you’re interested in joining us. We’re also transforming our customer success team to focus on improving the quality and speed of adoption of the Goodlord platform and ensure our customers’ feedback is heard by everyone at Goodlord.

Successful launch of Project X

We’ve been hard at work on a new product that will make moving homes easier for tenants and landlords, while generating new revenue for agencies. It’s currently in beta-testing and will be rolled out to all of the agencies we work with by the end of the quarter.

Grow revenues

We want to bring on more agencies as customers. We also want to make sure all the agencies we are working with are using the Goodlord platform to its full potential. Finally, we are working to ensure our tenant liability and contents insurance policies are offered to tenants at the optimal time in order to increase the number of policies sold.

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The Goodlord team
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