Tenant Fee Ban webinar with ARLA's David Cox

WEBINAR: The Tenant Fee Ban - one month to go

ARLA CEO David Cox answers letting agents' questions on the Tenant Fees Act, coming into effect on 1st June, in a Goodlord webinar. 

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ARLA CEO David Cox answers questions about the Tenant Fees Act, coming into effect on 1st of June, in a Goodlord webinar. Hundreds of questions were submitted by letting agents from throughout the UK.

Cox's advice for agents who are still confused about they are allowed to charge tenants under the Tenant Fees Act to “work on the principle that all charges are banned, unless they are specifically permitted payments under the legislation”. 

Watch the webinar in full, below, for more detail from Cox on what's in and what's out from June.

ARLA's David Cox on the Tenant Fee Ban_ One month to go


Goodlord's next webinar with David Cox will be taking place in September 2019.

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