Covid-19 Winter Plan: Key messages for agents, landlords, and tenants

20 December 2021

The government has published an open letter to landlords and agents with key messages to share with tenants on how to stay safe during the winter surge of Covid-19.

Alongside the guidance for moving home safely during Covid-19 under Plan B, the government has published an open letter to landlords and agents, signed by Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, with its Winter Plan advice on how to "encourage behaviours to help combat the virus and cascade the message of the importance of good ventilation to your residents." The letter highlights that good ventilation can also "help reduce condensation, dampness, mould and fungal growth and dust mites."

The advice to landlords and agents includes:

  • Ensuring that tenants are able to open windows in "habitable rooms"
  • Ensuring that bathrooms and kitchens either have openable windows or extract ventilation
  • Considering installing "positive pressure or constant run ventilation systems" - which will also help with condensation
  • Making sure that tenants are aware of the importance of ventilation, especially if they have people working in or visiting their home
  • Ensuring that any problems with damp in the homes are addressed

Although this guidance doesn't apply to individual tenants living on their own, it advises that those tenants should still follow the guidance if they have any visitors.  

The letter also recognises that some tenants may not wish to keep windows open during the winter months, especially in the midst of the energy crisis and increasing energy costs. It therefore calls attention to the financial support available for those tenants that may struggle to pay their energy bills, depending on their circumstances.

This article is intended as a guide only. For all of the advice and the full list of "key messages" to share with your tenants, visit

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