Generate free landlord leads for your agency in five steps

11 July 2022

Getting new landlords on board isn't all about big advertising campaigns. Sally Lawson, CEO & Founder at Agent Rainmaker, shares five ways to help you generate those leads for free.

Generating leads can sometimes be an expensive yet fruitless process. Marketing companies can rapidly squander thousands of pounds on adverts trying to figure out what language works best, or what your audience are likely to click on, before you actually generate any leads.

There is a better way. You can trigger an avalanche of organic traffic to your agency website in order to build your database, without spending a single penny.

It makes good, solid business sense to help reduce costs, not just increase profit, so my advice is to figure out what makes your audience tick for yourself, before you spend a small fortune on expensive Facebook, YouTube, or Google ads.

Do your own market research, by applying these top tips for what your letting agency can do to achieve optimum value in your marketing, generating free leads for your business in 2022.

1. Create content everyday

The "Facebook Zero" policy means Facebook will not show your ads unless you pay them. However, you can generate traffic to your Facebook posts without paying for the privilege, by creating generic posts instead of ads. Simple, fun, everyday content about you and your team.

We live in a reality TV culture. People love to see what goes on behind the scenes and see natural human interactions, so give your audience exactly that. Show them what actually goes on in your office.

Did some exciting new freebies arrive at the office from a supplier? Post about it and thank the supplier. Did someone turn up to the office wearing something a little crazy? Great, share it on Facebook.

From your morning coffee experience to your after work team drinks, all make great posts for engaging with your audience, and with Facebook and Instagram stories and generic posts, you can drive mass traffic to your website.

Traffic to the Agent Rainmaker website doubled from over 4,000 to over 8,000 in just one month, when we focused on posting generic Facebook and Instagram stories.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags are massively underused and can actually make a huge difference to traffic. Choose hashtags that are relevant to your audience, such as #Landlord, #Lettingagent, or #Letmyproperty.

More people will see your post if you include a hashtag or two, which ultimately means more engagement and increased traffic to your website.

3. Tag people

Tag individuals and companies in your posts whenever you can. By tagging someone it automatically shows on their feed, which can increase visibility considerably.

They will like it, people that know them will like it, and before you know it your post has legs and is leading the sprint to your website - and you still haven’t spent a single penny on ads.

4. Get your team engaged

Your team will likely be local, so get them to like and share your posts and engage with your agency online. Their friends will see your posts and again they can quickly gain momentum.

You can also share posts in groups and on different pages, as can your team, and, if you have multiple pages on Facebook, interlink them all by liking all your posts from your other pages too.

5. Test and assess your posts

Remember, have fun with your posts and create content that is engaging. Do play around with different headlines, images, content, or hashtags, and tagging different individuals or companies.

Once you are up and running, give yourself one month to generate as much organic traffic as possible. Once the month is up, it’s time to assess what worked for you. Did certain hashtags generate more traffic than others? Did a particular image fair better in the likes department? Once you can analyse what created the most engagement from your audience, simply do more of that.

If at this point you want to run some ads you can do so, safe in the knowledge your paid-for ads will now use a certain image, hashtag or content that you already know works well for your agency.

A guest blog by Sally Lawson, CEO & Founder at Agent Rainmaker. Head to for more information.

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