Generating reviews: A step-by-step guide for your agency

23 November 2022

Sally Lawson, CEO and Founder of Agent Rainmaker, outlines her five steps to generating a healthy stock of positive reviews for your agency.

Holidays, meals, cars: customers rarely buy anything these days without checking out the reviews to decide which company they should use. And that’s definitely true of landlords.

If they’re trusting the management of their property portfolio to an agency, they want to ensure that lots of people have had a positive experience with that agency before signing on the dotted line - and the best way to see that at a glance is through your agency's reviews. So, here's how to build that a review process.

1. Choose a review site

Search your company’s name and the word review to find out the top three sites you appear on, and assess where you are in the rankings for those sites.

You’ll start off focusing on the top one, but eventually aim to increase reviews across all three.

2. Research what's required

Research the requirements, such as whether reviewers need to authenticate their email address or log into an account – and remember that certain sites such as Google and FreeIndex will provide a free embed code once a company has a certain amount of views.

Using that code on your website means visitors will see all of the latest reviews automatically, so there’s no need for you to update your site every time you get new feedback.

3. Get your team involved

Set aside an hour and divide your most recent contacts (including landlords and tenants) between the entire team.

Then get them on the phone speaking to as many people as they can within that hour.

To motivate the team, you could issue a challenge whereby the person who secures the most new reviews wins a prize.

4. Create a regular schedule

Over time, you’ll be able to speak to everyone on your list – but starting with those you’ve had the most recent interactions with is best.

Incorporating this review call hour into your agency schedule regularly, and getting everyone into the habit of proactively asking for feedback from new contacts, means you’ll soon have a wealth of reviews to impress potential customers before they’ve even spoken to you.

5. Keep it consistent

It’s important to generate reviews consistently, as you want to be able to demonstrate that lots of customers are happy with the service you provide, and that you’re maintaining that high quality over a period of time.

It’s no use having a good number of reviews if they all date back 10 years.

Some customers will automatically leave a review, but the way to really increase those numbers is to consistently and proactively reach out to everyone you’ve worked with and ask them to leave feedback.

A guest blog by Sally Lawson, CEO & Founder at Agent Rainmaker. Head to for more information.

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