How video creation can save time and add value in lettings

16 June 2021

It's a busy time in sales and lettings - and Silwoods Estate and Letting Agents has decided to delve into the world of video marketing to help alleviate time pressures on its staff and ensure it can continue to bring the best value to its customers and landlords.

"What I'm learning through valuations and through general meetings with clients is that some of the basic principles are not understood," says Mahul Shah, Director at Silwoods Estate and Letting Agents. "Clients often ask 'what is the evaluation process? What is the process from taking on a client all the way through to the moving-in stage?' There's quite a bit involved in that entire process."

Creating educational video content

Unlike some agencies, the North West London & Hertfordshire property specialists have seen a strong influx of stock since January. This meant that the agency was only getting busier and needed a way to balance the workload and ensure its customers have all the information they need. The answer lay in video marketing.

"Following client feedback, we created educational videos for landlords and vendors," says Mahul. "Alongside our written and verbal communications with clients, we found the use of personalised videos to be much more engaging, clear for the viewer to understand, and also provides a personal touch.

"Our videos focus on providing valuable advice which helps simplify the topic for our audience. I feel this is the new norm. Videos are a great way to put across the personality of the company and the opportunity is out there for all to offer this service."

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Learning from virtual viewings

Many agents have become more familiar with video filming in recent times, to create virtual viewings, and Mahul was no different. "The pandemic almost forced us into producing virtual viewings - although this was always our plan," he says. "My visit to the property includes taking a video or virtual tour, which I can then email or Whatsapp to the client if requested. This simple approach is replicated in our new educational videos."

Video marketing can be a big commitment. It requires consistency once your clients come to expect it, and the editing process, however simple, can take time. However, Mahul recognises the potential of the medium. "I find the upkeep and consistency of all marketing channels a big challenge. However, I believe video content is the way forward as we can give our clients the most engaging, valuable, and useful tool to help them digest information much more easily and at their own pace."

Doing market research

The idea didn't come out of the blue. Mahul has done his research, and understands the type of content that resonates within the property industry. "I'm observing a few property specialists for inspiration," he says. "Chris Watkins, for example. He's definitely out there. And I think he takes such a different approach, targeting landlords and vendors in a slightly salesy way, but different at the same time, not just educational. It's a good mix. Nelly Berova of Art Division & Sam Ashdown of Firewave are also fantastic influencers to help steer us in the right direction."

Now that inspiration has struck, the agency won't stop there, but is actively looking for other ways that it can continue to grow that presence in its local market, with the right content. "We're excited about the creation of our new website, currently in its building and design phase, to host the videos we create and help our clients go through a seamless journey to understand more about our lettings process."

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