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How Dawsons takes a "technology-first approach" to lettings

Dawsons signed up with Goodlord in 2019, to help align the Swansea-based letting agency's systems with its vision of creating the most efficient process and a great customer experience.

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Dawsons has a broad geographical reach as one of the biggest lettings and estate agencies in South Wales, with a training arm for agents and landlords to gear up for Rent Smart Wales requirements. The agency has always aimed to be personable and provide the best service possible to both its landlords and its tenants - and that's where technology comes into the equation.

The problem to solve: The speed of change in the industry

Before using Goodlord, Dawsons saw the direction that the lettings industry was moving, particularly accelerated by the pandemic. Proptech and RentTech solutions were growing as more letting agencies realised the benefit of using technology to support their processes.

Dawsons was already using technology and various industry providers - but realised that this wasn't enough. "We saw that things were moving on quite quickly," says Ricky Purdy, Director of Residential Lettings.

"We knew that there were more well-rounded ways to process a tenancy, and that's what we needed to keep pace with the rate of change around us."

The turning point: Finding a new way of doing things

The different solutions across the RentTech ecosystem had the potential to offer tenants and landlords something special, tailor-made to Dawsons' requirements. That's where Ricky turned to look for an alternative to how the agency had done things before.

"I'm always looking at moving forward with technology, either to add, replace, or enhance," he says. "We knew that we'd benefit from the likes of Goodlord's technology, which other referencing providers didn't have.

"Those referencing agencies are getting up to speed with RentTech. Goodlord is RentTech first. It's always applied a technology-first approach to its referencing - and that's how I knew it would help us stay ahead of the game."

Catering to the needs of customers was also a big part of what the agency was looking for, and technology allowed it to offer that. "We wanted a prospective tenant to enjoy the process as best they can, up to and including collecting their welcome packs and property keys."

When deciding on new technology, we'll have a set of criteria to help me decide if we want to progress and research a new provider further - one of the key points is whether it's compatible with Goodlord.

Ricky Purdy

Director of Residential Lettings, Dawsons

The result: A more successful business

Using RentTech isn't just about business efficiencies. With Goodlord, agents can choose to offer extra products and services to help them earn more, and keep current customers happy.

"Goodlord has definitely helped us replace some of the lost revenue from the dip in 'new let' numbers we're seeing, with the current supply and demand imbalance,"  says Ricky.

"We take advantage of the additional revenue streams through the products we can offer to our customers. Plus, we see Goodlord as a client retention tool, as it brings landlords such added value."

For its customers, a Goodlord service that Ricky has found particularly valuable is rent protection. "Goodlord's Rent Protection Insurance is a no-brainer, it’s a great tool. It’s a question of enhancing our service to landlords," says Ricky.

However, it's not only Dawsons' landlords that benefit from extras through Goodlord. "Offering Tenants Contents and Liability Insurance is another easy way to ensure our tenants are accessing a whole range of products to help make their rental experience as good as it can be."


Feature highlight: Performance statistics and insights

An integrated lettings process with a RentTech company like Goodlord often also means access to key performance data. Goodlord's data can help agencies compare themselves against lettings activities in their local area and at a national level - as well as against their own performance to previous months.  

"We work across five locations. Through Goodlord, I can see snapshots as a business of where we are, what's working, what's not - and what we can improve," says Ricky. "We now have a member of the team tasked with expectations of their role, to monitor our stats on a fortnightly basis, liaising with all of our offices."

Data can also help agencies to forecast and plan for the future. "We can use our Goodlord data from busy periods to see pinch points and, as a by-product, accommodate additional members of the team or support to an office ahead of there being an issue," says Ricky.

"For example, we look at how busy June would be from a student turnover perspective, to understand how busy we are then, versus July and the following months. And then in September as well as October - those stats on new lets or renewals are helping us shape our diaries."

Top tips for new integrations

When introducing new technology to its business, Dawsons has a set process to help make sure it goes smoothly. "Anything that we integrate with, we pick a set office and a core set of people to use and champion the new tech throughout all our offices."

The teams are then encouraged to engage with all relevant training resources, to make sure that everyone's at the same level. "Our team can refresh their Goodlord knowledge in their customer centre, and the videos form a key part of our 12-week probation," says Ricky.

About Dawsons

Dawsons has a network of lettings offices, supported by a sales network, with a diverse set of tenants and landlords properties. It's starting to expand its reach in Wales, to offer more variety and opportunities to prospective tenants and landlords in what is a difficult market when stock numbers are lower than they've ever been.

Dawsons adds value with:

Tenant referencing

Dawsons uses Goodlord to reference its tenants quickly and comprehensively.


Tenant services

Dawsons helps get its tenants move-in ready while creating a new revenue stream for its business.


Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Insurance

Dawsons protects its landlords and reduces its admin - all while getting rewarded for offering more - with Goodlord's Rent Protection Insurance.


Tenants contents & liability insurance

Dawsons offers its tenants a complete package and reduces deposit disputes for its landlords.


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