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Case Study: Set To Let

Set To Let

Set To Let is an agency offering lettings and property management expertise primarily in the residential sector. Based in Leicester, with a landlord’s understanding of the industry, it joined Goodlord in 2019 to help "shoulder the burden of compliance."

Set To Let is an independent lettings and property management agency based in Leicester, with a landlord’s insights into the potential issues their clients could face. These include, amongst other things, compliance - something which joining Goodlord in 2019 helped them to deal with.

“Goodlord takes away the stress of the agent having to shoulder the burden of compliance and making sure that everything’s ticked off,” says Neil Bharakhda, Regional Manager at Set To Let. “The portal with Goodlord covers it quickly and clearly, sending the relevant documents to the tenants before they sign the tenancy agreement.”

Neil earned lettings experience working in London for a landlord with a large property portfolio before moving to work as an agent, and has seen the evolution of the industry as it’s become more technology focused. “It was a good insight into the industry from a very manual based system and limited resources to all the huge and many resources that are around us now and the changes in legislation that have been introduced since.”

For Neil, this change is a positive for the sector - especially with the necessity of these changes in recent times as agents had to switch to working from home. “I think a lot of agents have embraced the change. We have to move with technology and the times, and the resources that are available to every single one of us. It means less room for human error and things flow a lot more seamlessly.”


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Goodlord takes away the stress of the agent having to shoulder the burden of compliance.

Neil Bharakhda
Set To Let

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