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Case study: Normie & Co

CATEGORIES: Manchester North West

“Goodlord has totally revolutionised the way we do things. Drawing up the tenant agreement, checking payments that come in, and having tenants referenced - these are all jobs we don't have to worry about anymore,” says Joshua Gertler.

Normie & Co, a Manchester sales and lettings agency, is tech-savvy, having invested in self-serve technologies that provide their tenants with a round-the-clock service. Joining Goodlord in 2016 was par for the course.

“It helps with making sure we're compliant and don't have to hire more people, and we save time,” says Gertler.

They've also discovered that anyone can get to grips with the platform. “We have a range of ages working here, and everyone can use the Goodlord platform because it's such a simple interface and so straightforward.”

Normie & Co. already uses Goodlord to boost their income by offering tenants extra products, such as Tenants Contents and Liability Insurance and broadband, and they are now looking at how to benefit even more in the future.

“Goodlord helps us to find other revenue streams that we had not previously dealt with or explored,” says Gertler. “This year, we want to build on what we have already done and start to use deposit replacement insurance.”


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Goodlord helps make sure we're compliant, we don't have to hire more people and we save time.

Joshua Gertler
Normie & Co



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