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How Infinite Property keeps a "bulletproof" audit trail

Infinite Property uses innovative Proptech solutions, like Goodlord, to help it expand its activities across England, without the need for physical branches.

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"The fact that Goodlord is cloud based is fantastic. We can be anywhere in the country and put an application on the system, collect the holding deposit - it all really works for us because we're doing so much at a distance," says Darren Owen, Sales Manager at Infinite Property.

Starting to expand

The agency started operating in its local area of Warrington back in 2008, but later started to expand activities across the country, once landlords asked for help with their investments outside the local area.

"We started like most traditional high street agents, working with our local market. Our landlords lived locally and bought locally," says Darren. 

"The year 2005 marked a real shift for people in the Southeast to start buying in the Northwest, because the yields and price points were better - we started to deal with people who were buying at arm's length. Those landlords, once they got to know us, started to ask us to help them locate properties outside of our local area."

A new, digital mindset to help with expansion

Expanding outside the local area required a different approach and mindset, to ensure the agency could still be as efficient as possible.

"When expanding your business, you need to get the right processes in place, and more structure," says Darren. "We had to outsource a lot of the back office tasks, the things landlords and tenants don't see, to be as efficient as possible.

"Goodlord's perfect for that because it outsources the whole of the application process. We can put an application on and essentially forget about it until the tenant agreement is signed, which is perfect for us."

The time Goodlord helps us save makes our business more profitable.

Darren Owen

Sales Manager at Infinite Property

A compliant audit trail

Another time-intensive - and potentially costly - aspect of a letting agent's job is staying on top of compliance

"We've taken over management from other agents that didn't use Goodlord. If we had to try and evict the tenant, there was nothing signed to say the tenants have had the electric or gas certificates, or the How to Rent guide," explains Darren.

"Now, Goodlord's audit trail is bulletproof. If you go to court with a Goodlord AST, you can't really go wrong because the tenant has signed to say they've had every document they were supposed to have at the start of the tenancy."

Future-proofing your business with innovative suppliers

Proptech suppliers need to ensure they keep up to date with what their customers need, to help them stay ahead in a busy market. That involves listening to customers and releasing new features and products to help them stay competitive.

"With Goodlord constantly releasing new features, such as the Landlord Terms of Business, for example - we can see the way that Goodlord will continue to be beneficial for the business in the future," says Darren.

"If you put landlord terms of business through Goodord, the landlord's already on the systems when creating the application, which makes the process even shorter because you've got half the information there already. You can see how that will help us speed up the process massively."


Boosting business performance and profits

Goodlord's time saving capabilities can also help the agency to boost its business performance.

"The time Goodlord helps us save makes our business more profitable," says Darren. "The amount of time it frees up for us to do other things such as go out and get four or five new landlords, whereas previously we'd be held up by applications and chasing references."

Avoiding a drain on admin

Darren highlights his two top Goodlord features, based on how much admin time they help the agency save. "Our favourite Goodlord features are the e-signing and online move-in monies process," he says.

"Those were always a big admin drain for us. It's much easier now because we're not constantly chasing tenants to send payments - the money simply comes into us. We already know where that's allocated to and what the deposit is for."

About Infinite Property

Infinite Property launched in 2008, initially selling, letting, and managing properties across the North of England. Now, with activities expanded across the whole of England, they have an extensive network and use innovative marketing technologies to bring sellers and landlords together with buyers and tenants respectively. 

Infinite Property adds value with:

Tenant referencing

Infinite Property uses Goodlord to reference its tenants quickly and comprehensively.


Tenant services

Infinite Property helps get its tenants move-in ready while creating a new revenue stream for its business.


Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Insurance

Infinite Property protects its landlords and reduces its admin - all while getting rewarded for offering more - with Goodlord's Rent Protection Insurance.


Tenants contents & liability insurance

Infinite Property offers its tenants a complete package and reduces deposit disputes for its landlords.


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