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How Nock Deighton found an integration to make processes "very fast moving and very swift"

Nock Deighton is a fast-moving agency, always on the lookout for different ways of bringing its customers the best experience and staying ahead of the competition. Choosing Goodlord - and its integration with Reapit - was one decision it took in 2020 to maintain its momentum.

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"We're always looking for new, innovative ways to stay ahead of the market, looking for new opportunities all the time," says Dawn Clarke, Lettings Director at Nock Deighton. "The main reason for our success is never standing still."

The drive to always stay on the front foot at the Shropshire-based agency is replicated across all levels of the business, through the tools that the agency uses and the way that its staff works. "We've constantly looked at upgrading our systems and processes and learning from mistakes as well - because sometimes you don't know that something is not working until something goes wrong," says Clarke.

It's a very good service. A lot of it is automated and it makes things very fast moving and very swift.

Dawn Clarke

Nock Deighton

A Reapit integration

When Covid-19 hit, the agency stayed fully committed to finding the best ways to continue in this vein. That's when it turned to Goodlord - and learned that the platform has the additional benefit of integrating with the cloud-based Reapit CRM.

"We started using Goodlord at the beginning of the pandemic, and we found that it actually integrates with Reapit as well," says Clarke. "With the integration, we haven't got to repeat everything - that makes things a lot easier. We've simply got to make sure that the teams within the branches are inputting the information correctly in the first place, in order for it to flow through."

Nock Deighton

This seamless flow helps the agency move through the tenancy steps quickly. "It's a very good service. A lot of it is automated and it makes things very fast moving and very swift. It sends out the tenancy agreement and all of the documentation that we were doing before - it's all a lot easier."

Nock Deighton adds value with:

Tenant referencing

Nock Deighton uses Goodlord to reference its tenants quickly and comprehensively.


Tenant services

Nock Deighton helps get its tenants move-in ready while creating a new revenue stream for its business.


Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Insurance

Nock Deighton protects its landlords and reduces its admin - all while getting rewarded for offering more - with Goodlord's Rent Protection Insurance.


Utility switching

Nock Deighton offers its tenants 100% clean electricity and an automated water and council switch.


Tenants contents & liability insurance

Nock Deighton offers its tenants a complete package and reduces deposit disputes for its landlords.


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