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Case Study: Zest Sales & Lettings

Zest Sales & Lettings

Zest Sales and Lettings is all about going above and beyond to provide good customer service. The agency is meticulous in choosing the right people, and in choosing the right technologies, like Goodlord, to support its employees.

"You can provide great service with a really good staff, but if you haven't got the systems to back that up, then you're falling short," says Beth Perry, Operations Director at Zest Sales and Lettings. "I think it's a combination of things coming together, having great staff and using intuitive technology. That's really the forefront of the property industry."

The Bath-based agency has used Goodlord since early 2020 to support their processes and feels an affinity with the customer-focused approach of the platform. "There are several things about Goodlord that we are incredibly happy with," says Beth. "The support that was given to us was above and beyond during the pandemic, through the webinars that were out there for our staff. I'm all about customer service, so it's incredibly comforting to know that Goodlord is coming from that same place."

As well as the complementary values, Goodlord has helped concretely in one business activity in particular. "This is the first year that we've put all of our student tenancies through Goodlord," says Beth. "We've never had the referencing and contract signing done so efficiently and quickly. This is the first year in our 12 year history where we've had student tenancy agreements signed before the end of November. It's never happened before."

"The efficiency and competency with which Goodlord works supports all of our own values that we have here as a business. It's lovely to work with a company like Goodlord where we're all on the same page."


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The efficiency and competency with which Goodlord works supports all of our own values that we have here as a business.

Beth Perry
Zest Sales & Lettings

Tim Leffler

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