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Case Study: Redbrik Sheffield


Redbrik, an estate agency based in Sheffield and Chesterfield, joined Goodlord to help with efficiency - and discovered the extra benefit of offering Goodlord Switch and Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance to its clients.

Redbrik is a rapidly expanding estate agency based in Sheffield and Chesterfield. Joining Goodlord in 2019 has helped the agency maintain a high level of efficiency while growing, says Jennifer Hitchman, Sheffield Lettings Manager.

“Goodlord has helped us with time efficiency above anything else," she says. "It's nice not to have to go to a referencing company and then do separate bank transfers, and then use a DocuSign-type product. Everything’s all in one, that's where we've seen the business benefit.”

In the recent acquisition of Preston Baker's Sheffield based clients by Redbrik, it was an added bonus to realise that Preston Baker was already using Goodlord, making the handover much smoother. “The Goodlord team made the administration side of moving things over much better and far more efficient, even though it was a large portfolio,” says Hitchman.

Redbrik doesn’t just use Goodlord’s core platform, but also offers Goodlord’s additional products to its customers. “Goodlord Switch is great. It's an extra revenue stream and it's a good service for the client.

"But, in the current circumstances of the pandemic, the rent protection is the main product we can offer. When we rent to potential tenants who are in industries that are perceived as being a little bit more at risk and exposed at the moment, then our landlords can choose our enhanced service, which includes rent protection - it gives peace of mind to people.”


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Goodlord was the cherry on top when it came to the admin during our recent acquisition.

Jennifer Hitchman
Redbrik Sheffield

Tim Leffler

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