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Case Study: Wilkinson Estates

Wilkinson Estates initially joined Goodlord in early 2019, looking for ways to create efficiencies - and has found it to be a selling point to demonstrate how it strives to offer its landlords the best service.

Wilkinson Estates

Wilkinson Estates

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Case Study: Wilkinson Estates

Posted by Wilkinson Estates on Feb 4, 2021 4:08:00 PM

"Part of using Goodlord was for our agency's benefit, and part of it was for the landlord's benefits - it's part of our offering to them," says Matthew Wilkinson, Partner at Maidenhead-based Wilkinson Estates. "If I go on a valuation now, I make a point of saying that we use Goodlord's system because it's all under one roof and works brilliantly."

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